This site is dedicated to my puppets.
I have made 80 so far and expect to make many more.
All of my backgrounds were created with Paint Shop Pro 7.
I hope you enjoy my work!

*Note: I will not make you a copyrighted character. Replicas of existing puppets will vary in fabric and not be identical to the original. Most novelty puppets not for sale.*

Friday, June 5, 2009

My first puppet class

Here are the puppets made by my wonderful students over the past few months.

Francis, Spot the Dog made by an 11 year old girl

Rebbecca, and Jessica the Dog made by a 9 year old girl

Sally from Nightmare before Christmas made by a mom. *This is one of a kind, I will not make it so please don't ask.*

Oscar the Dog

Number 46. Dog prototype
No, he is not named after Oscar the Grouch. Have you heard of Felix the cat? Have you heard of the Odd couple (Felix and Oscar)? So now you know. Not my best work, but I had to create a new pattern for my class.