This site is dedicated to my puppets.
I have made 80 so far and expect to make many more.
All of my backgrounds were created with Paint Shop Pro 7.
I hope you enjoy my work!

*Note: I will not make you a copyrighted character. Replicas of existing puppets will vary in fabric and not be identical to the original. Most novelty puppets not for sale.*

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Headless Mermaids (yet to be named)

I made these for a photo booth in 2016 They're reversible


I made this for my son who loves foxes 2015
(picture coming soon)


Made in 2015


I made this tiny 8 inch tall finger puppet for my friend on his 30th birthday in 2014

I also made a mini Mara

Lumbering Ear-nibbler

I made this puppet for my brother in 2014

Burly Man

I made this for a white Elephant gift exchange in 2014


I know a lot of people hate Bill Cosby, but as a kid he was one of my favorite comedians.
I made this in 2013 and counted him as #100


I counted her as 101 but am questioning the accuracy. She is my mini me and has her own youtube series (which has regrettably been neglected) 2013


Gloria was made in 2013 She originally had a horrible nose
But has since had a nose job :)

Puppets Commissioned but never bought :(

Feris, Heti, Ragi and Pavi were made for a man who wanted to use puppets to propose marriage to his girlfriend (2012) she became very ill and the order fell through :(

Pooh and Tigger

Made for a little friend for her birthday in 2012

Star Puppets

I made probably half a dozen of these little stars to give as prizes for my daughter's birthday in 2012


I made this for my little brother in 2012, along with another Nectarine puppet

Katie and Alex

I made these puppets for my niece and nephew in 2012